Tabreed Bahrain donates to RHF’s “Feena Khair” campaign

Manama: Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) received a donation of BD 20,000 from Bahrain Tabreed, as a contribution to the RHF “Feena Khair” campaign.

The campaign aims to mobilize efforts and collect donations to support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Secretary-General of the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF), Dr. Mustafa Al-Sayed thanked Tabreed Bahrain for their initiative and strengthening partnership with RHF to serve Bahraini community during these circumstances.

“Tabreed is keen to fulfill its humanitarian duty and its obligations towards the community, as it is an integral part of this society,” Tabreed CEO Bader Al Lamki, said.

“The unprecedented global pandemic required concerted efforts to support the economy and societies. We are proud of our contribution to the “Feena Khair” campaign which reflects the society’s bond.“