Secure 5G network across the globe stressed

Manama: US Undersecretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Keith Krach has stressed his country’s commitment to work with Bahrain to ensure security, stability, and freedom of trade in the face of various threats, especially those coming from Iran.

In a press conference in Manama, Krash praised the Abraham Agreement between Bahrain and Israel and expressed his appreciation of the great role Bahrain plays in promoting the values of peace, coexistence and religious freedoms, saying that the Kingdom is a model to be emulated in this context.

He cautioned against security and commercial risks due to the use by some companies of technology in the infrastructure of 5G networks and highlighted the significance of securing the fifth generation technology and applying risk-based security principles.

He added that Bahrain is able today to be the most prominent pioneer in tackling unclean networks in the region.

“The US, as well as many other nations, have developed the clean network; this is a comprehensive approach to dealing with the long-term issues associated with data security, privacy, trust and collaboration,” he said.

Krash, who was on a tour that has taken him to several capitals, said that his talks with various partners, especially in the commercial sector, focused on the importance of the safe use of the fifth generation networks.

He said that about 40 countries have joined the Clean Net Alliance, including Japan, Singapore, Canada, the US, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and 27 of the 30 NATO states.

Four new countries, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Slovakia, have signed MoUs for a clean network, he added.

Krash warned that it was highly significant to ensure a fully trusted 5g network.

“I was in Brussels a few weeks ago, visiting with the deputy secretary of NATO, and he said it is very important that we have a clean NATO network.

“We don’t want to have some countries with trusted 5G and some untrusted, because you’re only as strong as your weakest link.”