Rare Kuwaiti artefacts to be displayed at Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Abu Dhabi: Sharjah Archaeology Museum, part of Sharjah Museums Authority, SMA, will host a six-month-long exhibition that showcases Kuwait’s ancient history.

Held in cooperation with the Kuwaiti National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, KNCCAL, “The Splendid Archaeology of Kuwait” exhibition include artefacts excavated from different locations in the country and date back as far as the Hellenistic period.

Running from 16th October 2019 until 16th April 2020, the exhibition features stone-age hunting tools, fragments of pottery from the Hellenistic period (3000 BC), bronze age hunting equipment, weapons and seals, in addition to Aramaic transcripts, photos, statues, temples, settlements and burial sites.

A series of lectures and workshops targeting all members of the family will accompany the exhibition including light in a bottle, making model boats and pottery engraving and decoration.