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After being ruled out of every challenge so far for medical reasons, the task saw the politician, 77, throw balls into a nearby goal, while strapped to a wheel covered in critters - however he missed every single shot, leaving presenting duo Ant and Dec in stitches.Stanley participated in the trial with Kezia Dugale instead of Rebekah, as she was pulled on medical grounds, for being too weak to perform.It was the first time in the show's history that a constestant had to be pulled out before attempting the trial.She said: 'I'm absolutely devastated that I couldn't do the trial with Stanley (Johnson).I'm very mindful of that.'She went on: 'I enjoy it!

The writer will appear in a cameo role in season 15, where he takes her out to tea.'Stanley advises me on love and boys and work,' she revealed.For those worried that Georgia Toffolo wasn't returning to Made In Chelsea after her successful stint in the jungle, the starlet has told Mail Online that she will always recognise where she started out.'Made In Chelsea is my home,' the ever-amiable blonde, 23, said.'I would not have been able to go into the jungle without it.Licking his lips, he declared: 'These are b****y nice. ', causing viewers to hail him a 'legend' on Twitter.Stanley participated in the trial with Scottish MSP Kezia Dugdale, as Leicester City player Jamie Vardy's wife was pulled out on medical grounds last minute.

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