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Like all publishers I would like to thank my wife Teena and my children Zachary and Jacklynn for putting up with my intensity doing this book and the hours I did not spend with them.

I would also like to dedicate this book to my Mom Victoria (Vicky) Baron Lewetag without her initial support and time sharing the history of her life in West Deer much of the inspiration and information would have been lost forever.

Ken Lewetag The West Deer Township Municipal Building The 150th Anniversary Committee Several years ago as West Deer Township was approaching this significant birthday, the Park and Recreation Board was given the task of planning this coming celebration.

The first step was recruiting and organizing a group of people who would dedicate them to this goal.

Since the main reason for publishing this book is for the use of the educational use, research, and the general public and not for commercial gain: Free usage of this publication and it’s content is allowed with credit given.

However NO part of this publication may be used for ANY commercial purpose without the express consent of the publisher, contributor and myself.

With the advent of computerized publication, and the ability to better manipulate content, I have taken the liberty of reorganization the pictures and some text of the WD150 book to help the electronic and print reader and to fit the new publication.

Include in this book are many more pictures as well as a index to help researches more easily find this items within this book and make them also searchable items.

I explained that I would like to use their book in part for a new book that would be publish in an electronic form and possible in a printed form, which received their blessing The reason for this publishing, printing and electronic publication is that so few copies of WD150 are available to libraries and schools to research and learn about the coal mining regions of Pennsylvania; specifically of my hometown Russellton and those of my family in Superior and Curtisville.

In addition major omissions on the mines within WD150 and needed to be included.

My hope is that by publishing this book in electronic form in addition to the printed version more acknowledgements of our little part of the word will be more wildly known.

Since much of the text of the WD150 book was scanned and optical recognized there will be some errors.

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In reading this book it seems that some history were passed over to avoid controversy. To the miners we have tired to add as many pictures of the mines and the miners we were unable to find pictures of Russellton #1, and Bairdford mines.

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