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#Because Fundamentalism," Twitter user Elizabeth Esther first wrote."@elizabethesther my school wasn't allowed to have prom.

In May, however, Harris expressed regret for some of the advice he doled out in the book when he publicly apologized to some of the readers on Twitter."I never went to prom.So I can't say it's your fault that I'm a 30-year-old man who has never had a girlfriend, never been on an actual date, never asked anyone out, and never kissed anyone. Nevertheless, I suspect that without IKDG and the movement surrounding it, that wouldn't be the case," one man wrote."Here's where I think I went wrong. I was a 'good kid,' as far as these things go, and I am not proud of that, and I feel weird being not-proud of being a good kid.It never really occurred to me at the time that I should really just ... I never asked anyone out, never snuck out at night to go on a secret date — or whatever it was that rebelliously romantic teenagers do, for which I only have high school TV shows as a reference. I was homeschooled, though, and my church didn't have bleachers," he added.Harris told Graham that he has received more than 300 submissions reflecting on his book and hopes to embark on an independent study in the fall in which he'll read about the religious culture that informed him as a young man."I want to do more than just say, 'Oh, I should have said a few things differently,'" he told Graham."I just need to listen to where people are before I come out with my own thoughts. I don't have all the answers yet."He says he still believes in the mainstream evangelical sexual ethic that sex should be reserved for heterosexual marriage but no longer promotes a strict formula that can guarantee a happy outcome for relationships.

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