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Two innings later, Conforto drilled a double to the center-field wall, and followed with a single to left in the sixth.This is how Michael Conforto, the 10th pick in last year’s MLB draft, hits, his swing sweet and compact, the line drives spraying from foul line to foul line.The field last night was Citi, and his son had just gone 4-for-4 in his second big-league game.“It’s a little bit of a surreal feeling,” the father said.IRON MIKE: METS PROPSECT CONFORTO HAS TOUGHNESS TO SPARE “It was nice of him to wait for me,” Michael Conforto, the father, said.Two days ago, Michael Conforto the left fielder was in Trenton with the Binghamton Mets, his call-up so hastily arranged that his father could not get to Citi Field from his home in Redmond, Wash.“Or if you change your outfit, the clients will come. Last month I sat down with Coffey in Los Angeles to talk about her new series, the challenges of being known as an assertive businesswoman, “lesbian hair,” and her dominatrix vibe. How much of that translates into your everyday life?After Ellen.com: Did you ever think you’d be doing a series like this? I never did imagine it, could have imagined it, would have imagined it. Are you like that in everyday life or is that just a job thing? I think I’m assertive, and it comes out when it needs to come out.

AE: Has that ever created any problems in your personal life?

The word conforto in Italian means comfort or support.

The worst-hitting team in the big leagues got a great deal of both on Saturday night, when a 22-year-old outfielder very much lived up to his dictionary definition, and the Mets, unaccountably, rained hits all over Flushing.

He, too, was a gifted football player, enough to get offers from a number of Pac-12 schools, but his father was in no rush for his son to put his body through the same body-bashing rigors.

Michael the father has had four knee surgeries, and No. “Michael was a pretty emotional football player, and is a very composed baseball player, with little sparks of football intensity you will see from time to time,” his father said.

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