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He's been called "the greatest experimental scientist since Michael Faraday" and is buried next to Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey.

TRIP STAYThe George, one of only two five-star hotels in Christchurch, overlooks Hagley Park in the heart of the city.

Do I now understand nuclear physics after visiting Rutherford's Den?

No, but then I've never understood the scientific techniques Leonardo da Vinci used to paint that enigmatic Mona Lisa smile either.

Whether we’re talking about analyzing zillions of Google search queries to predict flu outbreaks, or zillions of phone records to detect signs of terrorist activity, or zillions of airline stats to find the best time to buy plane tickets, big data is on the case. ” champion Watson, has involved the substantial crunching of large bodies of data.

By combining the power of modern computing with the plentiful data of the digital era, it promises to solve virtually any problem — crime, public health, the evolution of grammar, the perils of dating — just by crunching the numbers. “In the next two decades,” the journalist Patrick Tucker writes in the latest big data manifesto, “The Naked Future,” “we will be able to predict huge areas of the future with far greater accuracy than ever before in human history, including events long thought to be beyond the realm of human inference.” Statistical correlations have never sounded so good. There is no doubt that big data is a valuable tool that has already had a critical impact in certain areas. But precisely because of its newfound popularity and growing use, we need to be levelheaded about what big data can — and can’t — do.

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