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They tease each other mercilessly, and are even more ruthless in making fun of themselves.The Swan Dive day party is sponsored by a dating app called Bumble that also lets you meet friends, to which Bruce says, “I don’t friends.If a venue doesn’t already have gender-neutral facilities, PWR BTTM ask that they neutralize their gendered ones for the duration of their show.At Swan Dive, that means paper signs reading, “Everyone is welcome! It’s a way to ensure comfort and safety for attendees who, like Bruce and Hopkins, don’t neatly fit into a box marked .During their personal investigation, Steve and Rachel try to find out what exactly has been happening to the Blue Ribbon kids, which leads them to a mental hospital called Bishop Flats following a lead on the disc that Gavin left behind.However, her heightened arousal causes her to suddenly behave erratically and smash her head into a mirror, after which she is taken to a medical facility under Dr.Track three, “Limbo Central (Theme from Perdition City)” is less than 4 minutes long.It’ s another dark electronic soundtrack with more great drums.

While they thrive on the unpredictable, there is one thing at their shows they’ve been doing their best to control: Since November 2015, their tour rider has included a clause requesting that every venue they play provide gender-neutral bathroom facilities.The five-day music festival is wild and messy and full of unplanned hiccups, which makes it the ideal environment for a band who never wants to be able to predict what will happen at their shows.Both Hopkins and Bruce come from a theater background — they were in a production of Euripides' together at Bard College, where they met in 2011 — which explains why their concerts feel as much like improv comedy sets as they do rock shows.But if you’re a happy person, check it out.” After a particularly spittle-y spell behind the mic, Hopkins says, “I’m sorry I drooled.And by that I mean: You’re fucking welcome.” Bruce, 23, plays perfectly into Hopkins’s idiosyncrasies, and vice versa.

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