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The best place, without question, to visit during cherry blossom season has to be the small island of Yeouido located on the Han River in Seoul.Yeouido, more famous among Koreans as an island of tall skyscrapers, smart investment bankers and once a key setting for aviation as the location of Seoul’s first airport in the 1920s, is also home to this wonderful festival, the famous ‘Yeouido Spring Flower Festival’ that takes place annually on the island.This practice of blossom viewing does not just pertain to Korea, but has a long history in East Asia, also practised in Japan, China, Taiwan and even as far south as the Philippines.

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The highpoint of a visit to Yeouido’s Spring Flower Festival has to be Yeouiseo-ro Street; located in Yunjung-no district in close proximity to the National Assembly building which also opens its grounds to the public.

The street is closed off from traffic during the festivities, allowing for hoards of visitors to freely enjoy the flowers with friends and family.

Both day and night offer different perspectives, as come nightfall the blossoms are brightly illuminated to make the most of the photo opportunities before they have gone.

Visitors are not just restricted to Yeouiseo-ro, but also the Hangang River Park is a must see while visiting the island.

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