Contemporary India must move forward with the values ​​of Mahatma Gandhi: IOC

Riyadh: Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) says only Gandhian values ​​can save present-day India. The present scenario of pandemic proportions spotlights the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s Values in Today’s World. All the dignitaries who attended the ceremony at Al Khobar as part of the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations had this opinion.

Eminent Journalist and Social Activist Syed Abdullah Rizvi inaugurated the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations of the Indian Overseas Congress on Friday, October 2 in Al Khobar.

IOC Saudi National Committee General Secretary Arkan Nair presided over the function. AICC Secretary Himanshu Vyas, in charge of Indian Overseas Congress and IOC Secretary Dr Aarti Krishna in charge of Middle East were shared their messages as part of the Gandhi Jayanti celebrations.
Syed Abdulla Rizvi, who inaugurated the meeting, said that Godse and the forces behind Godse thought they can eliminate Gandhian Ideas and Gandhian values by assassinating Gandhiji. Syed Abdulla Rizvi reminded that it is the duty of me, you and us Indians to preserve Gandhian ideas in contemporary India.

The country witnessed the passage of the Agrarian reform bills without much discussion in the Lok Sabha sessions which took place during the time when the country is battling with Covid epidemic and we also witnessed the government confronting the protesters who are against the Bill with violence.

The BJP government is going ahead without heeding the nationwide protests against these anti-farmer laws.

The brutal and diabolical murder at Hatra in Uttar Pradesh has literally terrified the whole nation.

Faisal Sharif, IOC Media and Communications Secretary, said the fact that, On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, led by Congress MPs, upheld Gandhian values ​​and peacefully marched to the home of a dalit girl who was brutally raped and brutally murdered in Hatra, But Uttar Pradesh government, which was ready to defend them, had to finally kneel before them, once again convinced us of the relevance of Gandhian values.

During this period when the BJP-led central and state governments are deliberately rejecting Gandhi and Gandhian ideas and symbols and distorting historical facts
The short film ‘Mahatma Gandhi Road’, which paints a direct picture of how to defend the capitalist financial system through a woman looking for the source and potential of Gandhian-made khadi garments, was screened at the event.

Mahatma Gandhi Road is scripted and directed by renowned National and International Award winning director R Sarath and Produced by Mansoor Palloor who is a prominent writer and Indian Overseas Congress Middle East convener Won the prestigious New York International Film Festival Awards for the year 2020 .The film was well received by the audience.

Former Indian School Chairman Sunil Mohammad delivered the keynote address at the meeting and he talked about The handloom village of Chennamangalam in Ernakulam district which was completely destroyed during the floods .Later it was revived under the leadership of friendly natives and expatriates including himself and he mentioned that this is an example of how each rural industry contributes to the self-sufficiency of the villages.
Advocate Aiman commented that Only by Strengthening the GramaSwaraj which was proposed by Gandhiji can defeat the Agrarian reform Bill and Capitalism. While quoting the Hatra incident, Aiman reminded that India without Gandhian values ​​is brutal.

Welcoming the gathering, social activist and Indian school teacher Kadeeja reminded that the short film “Mahatma Gandhi Road” is a guide for future generations and She also reminded the importance of having more such films in the Present day India.

The event was attended by IOC Middle East Convenor Mansoor Palloor, OICC Saudi National Committee President PM Najeeb, IOC Youth Wing Secretary Nihal Ahmed, Jayan Kannur, JC Menon, Prasad Idukki, Jayaraj Koyilandy, Sivadasan, Albin Joseph, Abdul Sathar Tamil Nadu, Iqbal Kovoor Karnataka, Hussnain Lucknow and other dignitaries.