Coast Guard: nor further information about Qatar’s confiscation of Bahraini boat

Manama: The Director of Coast Guard Operations Centre said that the centre received at 8 pm on Friday, January 8, a fax from the General Directorate of Coast and Border Security in Qatar about the confiscation a Bahraini boat “Blacksmith” over allegations of entering Qatari territorial waters.

The Qatari authority highlighted the arrest of two Bahraini on board the boat, identified as Sami Ibrahim Al Hadad, 48 and Mohammed Yousif Al Dossairi, 37, adding that they would be referred to the concerned authorities in Qatar.

The Director said that the Coast Guard had requested its Qatari counterpart after receiving the case to provide information about the conditions of the two Bahrainis and the circumstances of their arrest. He said that the Coast Guard hadn’t received until now any additional information.