Bahrain Health Minister congratulates WHO chief

Manama: Health Minister Faeqa bint Said Al-Saleh sent a cable of congratulations to World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on the success of the 73rd WHO session which was held remotely on May 18 and 19, bringing together representatives of 194 member countries.

She commended the efforts exerted by Dr. Ghebreyesus, hailing the WHO teams for ensuring the success of the 73rd session despite difficult conditions due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The minister expressed Bahrain’s confidence in the efforts exerted by the WHO director-general to combat the novel coronavirus and work with member countries to develop vaccines, drugs and required technologies to combat the pandemic.

She hailed the organization’s interest in Bahrain’s statement which was delivered during the 73rd session, commending the agency’s support to the Kingdom.

Al-Saleh lauded the WHO-led role, commending member countries’ support to continue concerted efforts to combat the pandemic. She extended thanks to all medical and nursing teams and health professionals who stand on the front-line in the fight against COVID-19.

She commended the call launched by the WHO chief to unify international efforts and step up cooperation between member states in order to undertake necessary measures to combat the pandemic and develop a treatment.